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Credit Advising

Follow these simple steps to get started.

1) Schedule your Free Consultation.

2) Be on the lookout for a confirmation email detailing your time slot and next steps. Carefully follow those instructions to ensure a productive consult.

3) If you are a fit for our program, we usually onboard the same day so we can start working on your credit profile right away!

We have two plans.

1) Group Plan: We charge a one-time first work fee of $189. This is for a detailed credit audit & credit strategy. Month 2 onwards we charge $89/month.

2) Individual Plan: We charge a one-time first work fee of $229. This is for a detailed credit audit & credit strategy. Month 2 onwards we charge $129/month.

We guarantee a full refund if there are no deletions in 120 days of uninterrupted service.

You have up to 5 business days to cancel.

After completing our credit building program. Our clients typically qualify for higher limit credit cards, buy a new car or purchase their dream home and attain all this at the lowest interest rates.

Each situation is different and usually requires its own unique strategy. 

On average your expected timeframe in our credit repair program ranges from 3 to 10 months. Depending on your credit situation.

After your free consultation, you will have a better sense of how long you can relatively expect to be in the program.

Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed with your preferred payment method we have on file.

We accept all major credit/debit cards.

We are available to take calls from M-F 9 AM -5PM Pacific Standard Time. In most cases, it’s best to schedule a call or email us. This will ensure a faster response.

Our business hours are 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday Pacific Standard Time.

In some cases when and where we explicitly state. We will be open at a limited capacity on Saturdays from 10AM – 2PM Pacific Standard Time.

Partnership Program

Our affiliate programs are completely free to join – and you won’t pay any fees.

There is no such requirement. Anyone who wants to help their friends get their credit on track while earning some extra cash can take advantage of our program.

Hach affiliate has their own unique access to their affiliate dashboard which shows earnings.

We pay out your monthly commission starting at the 15th of each month. Please note that your monthly payouts starts 60 days after your referral’s enrollment in our program and will be prorated accordingly.

Our Credit Repair Affiliate Program is perfect for anyone who wants to activate their network and want to make some extra cash. With a cool $50 dollar per client.