To build customer satisfaction through tailored credit advising solutions that will address client-specific credit challenges to achieve financial freedom.

Customer Satisfaction


To provide world-class credit advising service delivery with tangible results and reliable support. Our focus is to build and restore our client’s credit by educating our client and looking for inaccurate information to dispute.

R&L Advising is committed to providing responsive, timely, effective and healthy credit advising solutions by offering valid information that exceeds client’s expectations. We are committed to full disclosure of facts and the truth in all our dealings as we strictly adhere to our organization high standard of values, we follow a collaborative approach and comprehensive audit validations to remove any errors in our client credit report with a clean report for them to have a healthy Credit Score to make large purchases. For years, we have had good relationship with our clients and we have been getting them results.

The Story

Sometime in 2016, Reggie Lowe decided to get a house. He was in a relationship and wanted to start making plans for the future. They were happy and in love. Reggie’s excitement came crashing down when It turned out that he couldn’t get the house he wanted because of bad credit. A lawsuit filed a few years back by a family member ended up on his credit history and smashed his dream of owning a home. It’s often little oversights and financial hiccups like these that mess up your credit history. It gets even harder when you have to pay to fix your credit. It’s estimated that a lot of Americans have to pay between $19 -149 per month for credit repair. Yet, they hardly find the answers they need.
Reggie’s experience motivated him to delve deep into the world of credit repair. Hungry for knowledge, he shadowed top consulting companies and attended conferences like the Las Vegas credit con where he made some of his first huge steps towards helping others. Reggie launched R&L Advising to offer credit building strategies that have been tested and proven over years of real-life, personal, and professional experience. Our secret credit building formula focuses on personalized and effective strategies for sustained improvement in credit scores.
Fixing credit doesn’t have to be a difficult task. A lot of our close friends and family have fallen into fake credit repair scams, losing good money. Even when we get credit scores fixed, a lot of people end up back in the same mistakes, messing up credit cards, defaulting loans, and subsequently ending up back in the rat race. Instead, we help our clients rebuild their credit through an educative consulting process before and during the process of major purchases like cars and homes. Considering that decisions are informed by habits, we help clients build better spending habits that guarantee that their credit scores will remain healthy.

Unlike typical credit repair companies, R&L advising helps business owners with both personal and business credit! Our unique marker is the direct hand-holding process we employ while supporting our clients on their financial journey. Through our secret curriculum of personal development and training, we expose our clients to information they will never find elsewhere. We also walk our clients through the process of filling out credit applications and ensure they don’t get into a credit fix. Having done this enough times, our team of consultants is always eager to help. If you’d like to fix that credit history today, better call Reggie!

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What People Say About Us

We have helped over 1000+ people achieve their success goals. Don’t take our word for it. Hear from the horses’ mouth.


Review TexGreat company with great services if your credit score is low call reggie lowet


I do want to give a shout out to Reggie Lowe he definitely played a big role in my dream home.


I highly recommend R&L Advising Program. I learned a lot about credit education and and effective usage .


highly recommend R&L Advising! They are very knowledgeable and helpful about credit.